Distance Learning

School Expectations for Online Learning

Parents and families, Allen School needs your help to ensure success this year for our students. The students and staff at Ella B. Allen Elementary School believe that a safe and positive online environment is important to a child’s learning in the digital classroom.  To provide such an environment, Allen Elementary School has established the following online norms and guidelines:

Students should be ready to learn when the school day starts.  This means your child should be “school-ready” and prepared for a day of learning at 8:50 am.  Attendance and participation in classes will be monitored by staff, as is required by AB 77. We recommend that your child is dressed and has eaten breakfast so that learning may start when the school day starts.  A computer and reliable internet connection and/or other materials such as paper, pencils, crayons or markers, books, and workbooks may be necessary to support your child’s work that day.  If you need a district-provided laptop or wifi hot spot device in order for your child to learn, please inform the school office at (619) 479-3662.

Check for updates from your child’s teacher via Class Dojo or email.  Two-way communication is important for your child’s success.  Teachers will share schedules and ways to access lessons and activities. Please ensure the school’s office has the most up-to-date phone number and email address for your family.  Please also check the school blog: https://allenelementary.org/.

Updates are usually posted on Sundays.

Create a working schedule for your household that supports academic time.  You may need to ask others in the house to be mindful of a child’s learning.  You may need to re-arrange some furniture or ask other members of the household to use quiet voices.  If possible, please do not have students working in a bedroom. Some parents have expressed that having a headset or earpods with a microphone helps their child interact with focus in the live sessions.

Be healthy during distance learning.  Take breaks throughout the day for movement.  Students should drink water, eat a nutritious snack, use the bathroom, and stretch at breaks, as well as eat lunch at lunch time.  Promote physical activity and health.  Provide time for your child to do activities that are “off screen.”

Respect the privacy and learning of others.  Students and guardians/parents should not record (neither video, nor audio) or take photos/screenshots of live sessions or of others in distance learning.  Online tools, such as video chats and messages, should only be used as directed by teachers and staff.

See the helpful graphic below or download at the link:

Online Distance Learning Norms for Students

In addition, your child’s teacher may have other norms and guidelines to ensure student safety and privacy for all students.

Waiver to Borrow a Laptop

All students must have both reliable internet access and a computer or mobile device (such as a tablet) for required online learning. Families needing to borrow a district laptop must fill out the waiver online first. Families are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement to any district laptop. For families that have completed waivers, we will put you on the list and notify you when a laptop is ready. Laptops will be prepared for families on a first-come, first served basis. Please contact the school office directly for information regarding school laptops at (619) 479-3662.

Click the link above to request to borrow a laptop.

Waiver to Borrow a Wifi Hot Spot

Please know that we will do our very best to support your family and provide a wifi hot spot to families needing this in order for their student to learn.

In light of this limited supply, the school still needs to know if your family needs a wifi hot spot device. Families needing to borrow a wifi hot spot device must fill out the waiver online first. Again, we currently have a waitlist for wifi hot spots and these devices are intended for students that cannot access learning online. This device does NOT boost existing internet service. It provides basic internet service for families without internet service. Please contact the school office directly for information regarding a wifi hot spot device at (619) 479-3662.

Distance Learning Details

School starts at 8:50 am via distance learning. No classes will take place on Allen’s physical campus as all schools remain closed to the public until further notice.

Accessing Distance Learning 

In order for your child to access distance learning, please follow the steps:

User Names:  Your child’s username is <student ID #>@live.cvesd.org  

Passwords, Transitional Kindergarten through First Grade: Lowercase first initial + lowercase second initial + student ID + equal sign(=) .  For example, my name is John Greenwell so my password would be jg12345= 

Passwords, Second through Sixth Grade: Capitalized first initial + lowercase second initial + birthday.  For example, my name is John Greenwell and I was born on October 4th, 2010 then my password would be Jg10042010 

School starts for all students at 8:50 am and attendance will be taken throughout the day, every school day.  All Kindergarten students will have a break from 10:25 to 10:40 am. Students in grades 1-6 will have a break from 10:40 am to 10:55 am. The school’s lunch time is 1:05 to 1:55 pm each day.

Kindergarten classes end at 12:05 pm. Students in grades 1-3 end class at 12:55 pm. Students in grades 4-6 end class at 1:05 pm.

Please contact the school office if you are not getting the School Messenger emails and phone calls. We also recommend you “Follow Our Blog” by entering in your email in the field to the right of this information. This way, you will receive automatic updates as they are released.

Parent Helpline and Tech Support

Parents may call the Parent Help Line for Tech Support at (619) 409-6638 Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. This help line offers technical assistance with district programs such as Microsoft TEAMS, iReady, and Achieve 3000. Parents may need to leave a message during peak times, but please be reassured that someone will contact you as soon as possible if you leave your name and phone number on your voice message. Your patience and flexibility are appreciated.

If your child is using a non-district supported program, such as Zoom or Google Classroom, please note that district technicians might not be able to assist you with those programs.

CVESD School Meal Distribution Schedule – Effective January 5, 2021

The school meal distribution program is designed to provide breakfast and lunch for students eligible to receive free and reduced-price school meals. At several District schools, all enrolled students may participate in the meal distribution program. Those school sites with all-student participation are indicated by bold font and an asterisk (*) in the list below. Allen’s day for meal distribution is now on Tuesdays. Meals will only be distributed one day a week and will include food for five days. The school meal distribution schedule is:

Horario de Distribución de Comidas Escolares de CVESD – A partir del 5 de enero de 2021

El programa de distribución de comidas escolares está diseñado para proporcionar desayuno y almuerzo para los estudiantes elegibles para recibir comidas escolares gratuitas y a precio reducido. En varias escuelas del Distrito, todos los estudiantes inscritos pueden participar en el programa de distribución de comidas. Las escuelas con participación de todos los estudiantes se indican con una fuente en negrita y un asterisco (*) en la siguiente lista. Nuestro día de distribución de alimentos son los martes. Las comidas solo se distribuirán un día a la semana e incluirán alimentos para cinco días. El horario de distribución de las comidas escolares es:


Allen – *
Clear View
Feaster – *
Hilltop – *

Rosebank – *
Valley Vista
Vista Square – *


Castle Park – *
Cook – *
CV Hills
Kellogg – *
Mueller – *
Palomar – *

Salt Creek


Arroyo Vista
Harborside – *
Lauderbach – *
Olympic View
Rice – *


Finney – *
Juarez Lincoln – *
Loma Verde – *
Los Altos – *
Montgomery – *
Otay – *
Rohr – *

Saburo Muraoka
Silver Wing – *
Valle Lindo
Wolf Canyon