About Us

Ella B. Allen Elementary School is a public school nestled in the hillsides of beautiful, Bonita, California in San Diego County.  Its mailing address is:

Ella B. Allen Elementary School
4300 Allen School Lane
Bonita, CA. 91902
Main Office Phone: 619.479.3662

We offer small school charm in the largest elementary school district in California! Ella B. Allen Elementary School, serving grades kindergarten through sixth grade, is in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. Our school community serves a diverse student population of 358 students.  The school is comprised of 15 general education classrooms from kindergarten through sixth grade, as well as a Specialized Academic Instruction (RSP) program and a Language, Speech, and Hearing program that supports 29 students with IEPs.  As part of the Chula Vista Elementary School District, we believe that each child is an individual of great worth and is entitled to develop to his/her fullest potential. We believe that having respect for self, for fellow human beings, and for the values of our democratic way of life is an important part of each child’s development. We believe that education should lead to an enthusiasm for life and love of learning to help make it possible for each child to successfully meet the challenges he/she faces in our rapidly changing society.

Vision of Learning:  The students of Ella B. Allen Elementary School are citizens of an ever-changing global community. Allen students focus on academic, social, and emotional learning.  They are innovative, kind, compassionate, creative, collaborative, and self-aware citizens of the 21st century.

Mission:  All adults of the Allen Elementary School community work collaboratively to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. The staff apply a deep understanding of the California Content Standards in providing rigorous and relevant learning experiences to engage and challenge all students.  Additionally, the teaching staff integrate science, technology, math, and the arts across all content areas while providing the appropriate scaffolds and supports for every child to be a successful learner.  Allen School’s motto is “Together, We Soar!”  We believe the success of one Eagle is the success of all Eagles.  Additionally, we know that it takes each member of the community working together to give students opportunities to reach their fullest potential.  This motto connects with Chula Vista Elementary School District’s theme of “Nurturing Relationships through Grit,” which focuses on collaboration and maintaining relationships to promote student growth and learning.

Values: We value kindness, respect, integrity, individuality, cooperation, creativity, responsibility, safety, focus, and diversity.  Every adult on campus is committed to making sure each child has access to rigorous and enriching California Content Standards-based literacy, math, science, and social studies instruction. Additionally, students engage in visual and performing arts, technology, and physical education. Allen Elementary is known as the “Home of the Allen Eagles” and continues to promote and support excellence throughout the various disciplines of study as well as through its Social and Emotional Learning program using resources from Sanford Harmony.  The school has an active school climate committee called the Heart of Allen and focuses on promoting the social, emotional, and self-regulation skills of every student.  Students recite the school goals of be kind, be respectful, be responsible, and be safe to remind themselves of the importance of taking care of themselves and others.  Additionally, teachers lead community circle meetings called “Meet Up” to discuss how students are working toward the goals of kindness, respect, responsibility, and safety.  Teachers also intentionally pair students with a classroom peer to build and maintain positive peer relationships.  The students will engage in an activity to build relationships during activities that are part of the “Buddy Up” component of the school’s social-emotional learning curriculum.  Various activities and assemblies are scheduled throughout the year for students to develop strong character traits and make good choices to promote their learning and strengthen our school community.