Arrival and Dismissal

Bus Transportation

Please see the file below for the most recent bus schedule. Please directly contact the district’s transportation department with questions and inquiries about bus transportation. More information can be found at the district’s website here.

Safety Rules for Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

FOR THE SAKE OF STUDENT SAFETY and to help the flow of traffic, we respectfully insist that ALL parents/guardians and family members who drive students to and from school follow these rules:

  1. ALWAYS drop students off and pick up students using the traffic loop in front of the 800 building.
  3. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF ALLEN SCHOOL for purposes of drop-off or picking-up your child. Cars attempting to back out of the parking spaces often tie up traffic and cause accidents. We are fortunate to have a large parking lot in front of the 800 building for your convenience.
  4. NEVER DOUBLE PARK. If you will be getting out of your car, please park in a marked space in front of the 800 building.
  5. BE POLITE to other drivers, our parent Eagle Eye volunteers, and THE STUDENT SAFETY PATROL. Our children learn from the positive behaviors that we model.
  6. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF DISMISSAL. Please do not leave your children unattended on the school grounds as there is no after-school supervision. Children may not linger on campus at the playgrounds, blacktop, lunch tables, etc…

If you need after-school care for your child, please consider the YMCA childcare program. The school office can give you further information.