Mission and Values

Our Mission

Allen School provides a safe and supportive environment where all students reach their optimum academic, social, emotional, and artistic potential. Our school promotes a partnership between home, school and community. We believe each child is an individual of great worth and strive to instill in each a life-long love of learning.

Allen School is a child-centered school. It is the mission of the school staff to teach each child the  skills necessary to be a productive member of society and to foster in each child good work habits, a positive self-concept, and a true sense of responsibility.

Our Vision & Value

We believe:

  • All members of the school community model behaviors and exhibit attitudes that promote courtesy, respect, and a positive learning environment.
  • Teachers and parents work together and support each other as partners in education.
  • The family is an integral part of each child’s education. Each individual has unique qualities and experiences that enrich the school community.
  • All children experience academic, social, and emotional success everyday.
  • All children are creative problem solvers who can work cooperatively toward shared goals.
  • All children have equal access to a quality academic and technological program that prepares them for a rapidly changing world.

Our team values:

  • respect
  • integrity
  • individuality
  • altruism
  • cooperation
  • creativity
  • responsibility
  • diversity

Allen School Core Values and Common Courtesies

Allen School’s Core Values and Common Courtesies are expected to be followed and demonstrated by all members of the school community.

Allen School’s Core Values:

Caring • Honesty • Perseverance • Respect • Responsibility

Allen School’s Common Courtesies:

“Please.” • “Thank you.” • “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.” • “I apologize for…” • “Excuse me.”