Allen Update (28 July 2021)

Hello Allen Families and Staff,

Please read this short, important update.

Curriculum Night (Grades 4-6) is tonight!

Tonight, Wednesday, July 26th is our Curriculum Night for families with students in grades 4 through 6. This will be on campus from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Teachers will hold two identical 30 minute informational sessions for parents.

Some helpful notes:

  • Please bring your patience looking for parking and feel free to use the street parking in the neighborhood surrounding Allen. Please be kind to our neighbors and do not block any driveways or park illegally.

  • All adults and children will wear face masks while indoors on the school’s campus, per the California Department of Public Health guidelines. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • There will be limited, free childcare for children age 4 to 10 in the kindergarten playground starting at 5:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm. Please sign your child in and out of this free childcare. We ask that you keep children younger than 4 years old at home with a family member or babysitter or with you on campus. Since Curriculum Night is intended to share information with legal guardians, your Allen student does not need to attend and should stay at home.

If your student is in grades K-3, please save the date for next Wednesday, August 4th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm for in-person Curriculum Night for your student.

Parents will be welcomed back to campus!

Starting on Thursday, July 29th, parents may walk children to the correct blacktop line in grades K-3 between the time of 8:20 am and 8:50 am. We will also allow parents to pick up students at their dismissal time from the outside of the classroom.

Starting on Friday, July 30th, all legal guardians (Preschool to 6th grade) may walk onto campus for drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. Here are some additional details:

We ask that adults not enter the classroom for any reason. Please leave campus immediately at the 8:50 am bell and after picking up your child in the afternoon.

The District will allow parents to drop off and pick up their child on the school campus, following health and safety guidelines from the state. Parents are expected to leave campus immediately following dropping off or picking up their child. If local or state guidelines change, the District may revise this practice, accordingly.

Each class has a designated place to line up. Teachers will pick their classes up on the blacktop at 8:50. Per CVESD guidelines, please say good-bye quickly and exit immediately after dropping off your child. This helps us prevent crowding.

As of this writing, masks are still required when indoors in K-12 schools, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). While students are present in the room, masking indoors is required for everyone—including for vaccinated individuals. When students are not present, fully vaccinated people are not required to mask indoors, according to CDPH. Students will be able to remove their masks outdoors. 

The CDPH announced on July 12, 2021 new mask guidance for schools as follows: 

  • Masks are optional outdoors for all in K-12 school settings. 
  • Students are required to mask indoors, with exemptions per CDPH face mask guidance. Adults in school settings are required to mask when sharing indoor spaces with students
  • Persons exempted from wearing a face covering due to a medical condition, must wear a nonrestrictive alternative, such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, as long as their condition permits it. 
  • Schools will provide a face covering to students who inadvertently fail to bring a face covering to school to prevent unnecessary exclusions. 
  • In limited situations where a face covering cannot be used for pedagogical or developmental reasons, (e.g., communicating or assisting young children or those with special needs) a face shield with a drape (per CDPH guidelines) can be used instead of a face covering while in the classroom as long as the wearer maintains physical distance from others. 

Please review our Family Handbook for important information about our school and the CVESD Parent Playbook for current COVID-19 Safety Information. Please screen your child for COVID-19 symptoms each day before school. We thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment for all that follows these state guidelines.

CVESD Office of Communications Update

Board Announces Vacancy Appointment Process

At its Special Meeting Monday night, the Board of Education unanimously voted to move forward with an appointment process to fill its vacant seat. Board Member Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D. had submitted his resignation, effective July 14. Applications to fill his seat are due by Monday, August 9. A survey has been created so that all stakeholders can provide input about qualities they would like to see in prospective Board applicants. Click here to access. A committee consisting of less than a quorum of the Board (Board President Kate Bishop and Board Member Lucy Ugarte) and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Jason Romero shall ensure that applicants are eligible for Board membership and announce the names of the eligible candidates. The Board shall interview the candidates at a public meeting on August 25, accept oral or written public input, and select the appointee by a majority vote. The Board shall advertise in the local media to solicit candidate applications or nominations. Click here to access the application.

Human Resources to Lead Superintendent Search Process

The Board of Education approved a search process for the position of CVESD superintendent, which will be led by the District’s Human Resources department. In addition, a framework will be developed to recruit candidates from throughout California. A survey will also be sent to all stakeholders, including community groups, for input on qualities sought in candidates for the position. A timeline will be considered at the Board’s August 11 meeting. The selection process will include a search committee made up of a cross-section of stakeholders to ensure transparency. Links to the videos and audio of the meeting can be accessed below:

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