Sunday Update (27 September 2020)

Hello Allen Families and Friends! If you did not read the latest Superintendent’s Newsletter Update from this past Friday, please read it here now: Update from Dr. Escobedo

Happy last week of September! Thank you to our staff, students, and parents for working hard so that our school community remains strong!

Mr. Greenwell’s Message of the Week

Please watch Mr. Greenwell’s Message of the Week via the short YouTube video below:

Mr. Greenwell’s Message of the Week

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the PTC website at to become a member of the PTC and make a donation. Allen’s PTC is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports the school’s educational mission and funding programs and initiatives. The PTC is hosting their annual Ultra Fun Run to support STEAM activities this year (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 15 for our Virtual Fun Run!

A reminder of our school’s Core Values and Common Courtesies:

Allen School’s Core Values:

Caring • Honesty • Perseverance • Respect • Responsibility

Allen School’s Common Courtesies:

“Please.” • “Thank you.” • “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.” • “I apologize for…” • “Excuse me.”

This week’s Core Value is Respect. This week’s Common Courtesy is “I apologize for___“.

If you have not yet returned the packet of papers, you may drop it off at the school office between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday. If these times do not work for you, please contact the office directly and we will arrange another method for you to turn in these important documents.

A friendly reminder that school starts online for all students at 8:50 am. Attendance and student engagement continue to be tracked and monitored, according to state law and AB 77 and SB 98. Please contact the school office at (619) 479-3662 if your child is having trouble accessing class online.

A Look Ahead:

Friday, October 2 at 8:00 am – Virtual Family First Friday

Monday, October 5 at 6:00 pm – District Virtual Town Hall

Monday, October 12 at 3:00 pm – ELAC Meeting

Monday, October 12 at 3:30 pm – SSC Meeting

Monday, October 12 at 6:00 pm – PTC Meeting

Tuesday, October 13 at 12 noon – DAC/DELAC Meeting

Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 pm – CVESD Board of Education Meeting

Thursday, October 15 (time varies) – PTC Ultra Fun Run

Fun Run theme: Full STEAM Ahead to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics activities this year

October 15 – 23 Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Please note the absence of a Fall Break in the school calendar this year.

The CVESD Caring Crew and YOU!

We would like to remind our entire community that following the four pillars of health can prevent the spread of COVID-19. As we prepare for the eventual return of some students to campus in phases, our District and school will be enforcing the four core principles (also known as four pillars) for the prevention of COVID-19. These include: 1) Daily Health Screenings, 2) Mask Wearing, 3) Physical Distancing, and 4) Frequent Hand Washing.

Wear a mask. Daily health screenings. Maintain physical distance. Wash hands frequently.

Please speak to your children about the importance of following these four core principles.

The CVESD Caring Crew

We would like to prepare students for the eventual return to campus once it is safe to do so. In the spirit of this, we are re-sharing the YouTube video link shared in August, Safety Starts at Home. Please watch this video with your children as part of your conversation with them about the four core principles. Thank you for your support.

Safety Starts at Home YouTube video

Curriculum Night 2020

Our teaching staff recently held Curriculum Nights. Many teachers chose to record their meetings for parents and legal guardians to watch later. Click on your child’s teacher’s name for the link. If the link does not work, please contact your child’s teacher directly. Some teachers hosted live meetings rather than record a meeting, so please reach out to your child’s teacher if you missed this information.

Kindergarten: Ms. Davies and Ms. Gurule

First Grade: Ms. Blum (Part 1 & Part 2) and Ms. Sinong

1/2 Combo: Ms. Landay

Second Grade: Mr. Bielawski and Mrs. Burnham

Third Grade: Ms. Farlow and Ms. Kriss

Fourth Grade: Ms. Michel

4/5 Combo: Ms. Rechif

Fifth Grade: Ms. Acosta and Ms. Schultze

Sixth Grade: Ms. Linderman and Mr. Manaig

Again, if you still need to pick up materials from the Beep and Greet or have questions about the paperwork that must be turned into the school office, please contact the school office at (619) 479-3662. Please wear a facial covering when coming to the school.

Sing and Speak Spanish

We would like to share information about an optional, for-profit program that many of our families have found useful.  Sing and Speak Spanish is a fee-based, optional Spanish enrichment program many families in the district have chosen to use.  While not an official program of the district, we wanted to share this resource with our families.  The last day to register for these optional, private Spanish classes is soon.  They offer online classes, backyard Pod classes, and Private classes:  Read their message below for more information.

1. See a VIDEO of one of their family experiences

2. See online schedule and register HERE.

3. Register for a Pod Spanish class HERE.

Contact director Andres Abeyta for more information:

Sing and Speak Spanish 619-215-9109 ext 2

Family Handbook 2020-2021

To download the updated Family Handbook (Distance Learning Edition) for the 2020-2021 School Year, please click on this link:

School Meals Program

Meal distribution will occur every Monday from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm for all students. Pick up the 5 days worth of meals at the front of the school. Please drive to the front of the school, open your trunk, and be prepared to carry meals from our CNS staff to your car.

Would you like your child to eat school meals this year? The school encourages all families who may need assistance to apply for free and reduced meals via the district website. These forms must be completed again every year, so please do not wait to fill them out! Find the forms and information at the district link here:

LINK to Meal Application

If you are unsure if your family needs to fill out this application, please contact our school office at (619) 479-3662 between 8 am and 3 pm.

Distance Learning for Q1

School starts at 8:50 am via distance learning. In order for your child to access distance learning, please follow the steps:

User Names:  Your child’s username is <student ID #>  

Passwords, Transitional Kindergarten through First Grade: Lowercase first initial + lowercase second initial + student ID + equal sign(=) .  For example, my name is John Greenwell so my password would be jg12345= 

Passwords, Second through Sixth Grade: Capitalized first initial + lowercase second initial + birthday.  For example, my name is John Greenwell and I was born on October 4th, 2010 then my password would be Jg10042010 

School starts for all students at 8:50 am and attendance will be taken throughout the day, every school day.  All Kindergarten students will have a break from 10:25 to 10:40 am. Students in grades 1-6 will have a break from 10:40 am to 10:55 am. The school’s lunch time is 1:05 to 1:55 pm each day.

Please contact the school office if you are not getting the School Messenger emails and phone calls. We also recommend you “Follow Our Blog” by entering in your email in the field to the right of this information. This way, you will receive automatic updates as they are released.

Waiver to Borrow a Laptop

All students must have both reliable internet access and a computer or mobile device (such as a tablet) for required online learning. Families needing to borrow a district laptop must fill out the waiver online first. Families are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement to any district laptop. For families that have completed waivers, we will put you on the list and notify you when a laptop is ready. Laptops will be prepared for families on a first-come, first served basis.

Click here to complete the DISTRICT LAPTOP waiver.

Click the link above to request to borrow a laptop.

Waiver to Borrow a Wifi Hot Spot

Please know that the district currently has a waitlist for wifi hot spot devices. Some devices have arrived, and more are on their way. We will do our very best to support your family and provide a wifi hot spot to families needing this in order for their student to learn.

In light of this limited supply, the school still needs to know if your family needs a wifi hot spot device. Families needing to borrow a wifi hot spot device must fill out the waiver online first. Again, we currently have a waitlist for wifi hot spots and these devices are intended for students that cannot access learning online. This device does NOT boost existing internet service. It provides basic internet service for families without internet service. Please complete the waiver as soon as possible and please wait until someone from our school contacts you to pick up the device.

Click here to complete the WIFI HOT SPOT waiver.

School Expectations for Online Learning

Parents and families, Allen School needs your help to ensure success this year for our students. The students and staff at Ella B. Allen Elementary School believe that a safe and positive online environment is important to a child’s learning in the digital classroom.  To provide such an environment, Allen Elementary School has established the following online norms and guidelines:

Students should be ready to learn when the school day starts.  This means your child should be “school-ready” and prepared for a day of learning at 8:50 am.  Attendance and participation in classes will be monitored by staff, as is required by AB 77. We recommend that your child is dressed and has eaten breakfast so that learning may start when the school day starts.  A computer and reliable internet connection and/or other materials such as paper, pencils, crayons or markers, books, and workbooks may be necessary to support your child’s work that day.  If you need a district-provided laptop or wifi hot spot device in order for your child to learn, please inform the school office at (619) 479-3662.

Check for updates from your child’s teacher via Class Dojo or email.  Two-way communication is important for your child’s success.  Teachers will share schedules and ways to access lessons and activities. Please ensure the school’s office has the most up-to-date phone number and email address for your family.  Please also check the school blog:

Updates are usually posted on Sundays.

Create a working schedule for your household that supports academic time.  You may need to ask others in the house to be mindful of a child’s learning.  You may need to re-arrange some furniture or ask other members of the household to use quiet voices.  If possible, please do not have students working in a bedroom. Some parents have expressed that having a headset or earpods with a microphone helps their child interact with focus in the live sessions.

Be healthy during distance learning.  Take breaks throughout the day for movement.  Students should drink water, eat a nutritious snack, use the bathroom, and stretch at breaks, as well as eat lunch at lunch time.  Promote physical activity and health.  Provide time for your child to do activities that are “off screen.”

Respect the privacy and learning of others.  Students and guardians/parents should not record (neither video, nor audio) or take photos/screenshots of live sessions or of others in distance learning.  Online tools, such as video chats and messages, should only be used as directed by teachers and staff.

See the helpful graphic below or download at the link:

Online Distance Learning Norms for Students

In addition, your child’s teacher may have other norms and guidelines to ensure student safety and privacy for all students.

California Compulsory Education Law and Parental Notification

Please note that California Compulsory Education Law requires everyone between the ages of six and eighteen years of age to attend school, except sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds who have graduated from high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) and obtained parental permission to leave.

Annual state and federal laws require that school districts notify parents/guardians of minor pupils of their parental rights (California Education Code Section 48980). Please see the district page regarding more information about this legal notification:

LINK to Parental Notification

Verification of Residency (VOR) Process

Verification of Residency can be completed online or in person via an appointment with the school office. Information on this process is available here:

LINK for the Residency Verification Process

Please contact the office with pressing questions regarding this year’s Residency Verification at (619) 479-3662.

Parent and Legal Guardian Meetings

Allen School needs parents and guardians to support our school through important parent groups, such as the PTC (Parent Teacher Club), the School Site Council (often referred to as SSC), and the English Language Advisory Committee (often referred to as ELAC). The site-based groups work with the Principal, staff, and other community members to ensure that community voice is part of the shared decision making process of a public school.

Virtual Family First Friday

Our Allen tradition continues this Friday, October 2 at 8am with our Virtual Family First Friday. We encourage parents and legal guardians to join an online meeting with a cup of hot coffee or tea and listen to Mr. Greenwell give an update on the school year. The link will be posted on our blog and in an email shared with parents. You may also email for the meeting link at least one day prior to access this online meeting.

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)


Ella B. Allen’s next ELAC Meeting will be held on Monday, October 12th at 3 pm and will be held online. Please email for the meeting link at least one day prior to access this online meeting.

School Site Council (SSC)

Allen School’s next SSC Meeting is Monday, October 12th at 3:30 pm and will be held online. Public elections for SSC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Parlimentarian will be held at this meeting. Please email for the meeting link at least one day prior to access this online meeting.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) is composed of five elected parent/community representatives and five elected staff/teacher representatives. The role of the SSC is to develop, approve, and monitor the School Plan for Student Achievement.

With a few exceptions, meetings are held the second Monday of every month. Until further notice, meetings will be held online. All parents and staff are welcome to attend. Council members serve for two year terms.

Parent Teacher Club (PTC) Meeting

Allen’s PTC meets the second Monday of every month at 6pm. Until further notice, all meetings will be held online. The next PTC meeting is Monday, October 12th at 6 pm. Please also check out the new PTC website to become a member and make a donation:

Virtual Family First Friday Meeting

The first Friday of every month is reserved for our Family First Friday, Allen’s version of Coffee with the Principal. We will continue this tradition, albeit virtually, starting in October. Join Mr. Greenwell online via Zoom for some updates regarding the school year on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 8 am. We encourage you to brew your own cup of coffee or tea at home as you join this online meeting. The link will be posted on this blog as the meeting date approaches. Mark your calendars now!

CVESD Board of Education Meeting

The district’s Board of Education meetings are also being held online and generally occur the second Wednesday of each month. The next CVESD Board of Education meeting is Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 pm.

To access these public meetings, please click the link here:


District Advisory Council (DAC)

The DAC is composed of parent and staff representatives from each School Site Council. It meets regularly during the school year in open public forum to share information, study instructional issues, approve school planning schedules, and make recommendations to the Board of Education on specific items. District meetings take place once a month, mid-afternoon. Most meetings occur on Tuesdays from 12 – 2 pm, with a parent training beforehand. This is an elected position to serve a one-year term.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The district will continue to conduct all meetings online until further notice, including all DAC/DELAC meetings. DAC is the District Advisory Committee. DELAC is the District English Learner Advisory Committee. Both of these groups are designed to support and inform parents in a shared communication setting with the district. Parents learn with other parents and district leadership at the DAC/DELAC meetings.

The next DAC/DELAC Meeting will be on October 13th from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Below is a schedule of all DAC/DELAC meetings for the upcoming school year. I recommend all parents download this schedule if they are interested in learning more about theses district meetings.

Community Resources

Our school community encourages all adult citizens to participate in the upcoming election. Please visit to learn about how to ensure your voice is heard in the upcoming election.

Not only is November 3rd Election Day, but it is also MTS Free Ride Day! To help increase access to in-person voting options, all fixed-route MTS and NCTD buses, Trolleys, SPRINTER and COASTER will be free. 

While you can skip the fare on Free Ride Day, face covering are a must! Face coverings (worn over your nose and mouth the entire trip) are required on all MTS and NCTD vehicles.

Free rides on all MTS buses and trolleys on Nov. 3rd!

California offers voter registration online, by mail, and in person. Online voter registration is available at You can also request and complete a paper voter registration form and mail or hand deliver it to your county elections official to register to vote.

Election Day: November 3, 2020

All adult citizens are encouraged to vote!

Registration Deadlines: Online registration deadline is October 19. By mail registration deadline is showing that its is postmarked by October 19. In person registration deadline is November 3.

Absentee or Permanent by mail ballot: Request by October 27. Return by mail must be postmarked by November 3. Return in person must be received by November 3 at 8 pm. Early voting is available October 5 – November 2, but dates and hours vary. For more info, contact the County Registrar of Voters:

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can also register and vote on Election Day?

Conditional voter registration is a safety net for Californians who miss the deadline to register to vote or update their voter registration information. Voters can use the conditional voter registration process from the day after the deadline all the way through Election Day. Eligible citizens can go to their county election office, polling place, or vote center to register and vote conditionally. These ballots will be processed once the county elections office has completed the voter registration verification process.

Kindness: Wear a Mask

COVID-19 presents real health risks to our community. Please continue to stay safe and demonstrate kindness to others: Wash your hands, wear a mask or facial covering, and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet when around people from outside your household. We all play a role in keeping our community safe and healthy!

Be a good neighbor: Wear a mask!

Be well Eagles! We love you and we miss you.

🦅  Allen Eagles: Together, we SOAR!

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