Pep Rally 10/8 First Day of School

Hi Parents and Families,

Students return on Tuesday, October 8th and we want to celebrate our achievements with an Allen Pep Rally. Please join us for a short Tuesday Meet Up, but stay to help us create a Welcome Tunnel for Students and teachers. We want it to be a surprise for students (although I am sure some are reading this blog….shhhh! Keep it a secret!) . In the meantime, check your calendars for October 8th and see if you can be a little late for work that day to be part of the Welcome Tunnel. We should be done with the Pep Rally by 9:15.

  • We will have a Tuesday morning meet up as usual.
  • After some announcements, you will hear me announce, “Welcome Back, Eagles!”
  • Grab some pom poms from the PTC members near either the Library or Mr. B’s classroom Room 304.
  • Line Up along the hallway of the 300 building or along the library and the 500 building.
  • Cheer our Eagles as they head to class!
  • We should be done by 9:15.

Thank you!!

See you bright and early on Tuesday, 10/8 . Don’t forget it is a regular school day dismissal.

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