New Information for When Students Return October 9th!

Hello Eagles,

Well…we had a so much learning going on this past quarter. One of the things that I am proud of is our attendance. We had so many student come to school every day and on time. For this quarter we had a 97.14% rate of attendance. Let’s shoot for 98% in December!

Students return on Tuesday, October 9th for a regular school day with kinder dismissal at 2:55 and 1st-6th are dismissed at 3:10.

To insure student safety, we will have the gate near the 300 building locked at all times. This will prevent folks from dropping students off in front of the school and students walking through the parking lot. We had a very close call with a student who walked through the lot between parked cars, a driver did not see him and began to back up. Luckily, he stopped and the student was safe. I cannot stress enough, please do not drop or pick up students in front of the school. Please park in the community and walk in through the front gate or drop off at Daly Academy. We appreciate your cooperation.

Well, that is it for now. Have a great two weeks off and I will see you bright and early on October 9th for our Meet Up TUESDAY!

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