Cold and Flu Season Reminders

We would like to take a moment to wish you a safe and happy Winter Break. Enjoy the time away from school and time spent with family and friends. We look forward to the new year and that your student returns to school rested and ready for new adventures!

As we head into winter and the cold and flu season, I would like to offer a few reminders:

  • If you have not gotten the flu vaccine, contact your healthcare provider about getting the vaccine while on break
  • Use good hand washing  and remember to cover your cough to prevent the spread of the cold & flu viruses
  • Get plenty of rest, healthy nutrition, and regular physical activity

Additionally, if you still have not completed the required physical or dental exam for school entry (Kindergarten or 1st grade), try to take time to get appointments scheduled. The physical exam requirement for 1st graders is now overdue and the dental exam must be completed by May, 2014. Your school nurse can provide more information for you, if needed.  If you have not submitted doctor orders and medication for your student, it would be a good time to get those items completed, too.

One last reminder – be mindful of symptoms of head lice and inspect and treat, if needed, per product guidelines. Head lice are passed from direct head-to-head contact – sharing hygiene tools, such as combs and brushes, hats, sleepovers – sharing bedding/pillows, etc. By the time you discover head lice, they have been present for 3-4 weeks.  It is recommended that you check your child for head lice throughout the year.  If you have questions about head lice, you can discuss with your doctor or school nurse and obtain a copy of “Parents Guide to Head Lice” on the district website at

Take care and have a wonderful break!

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