In Loving Remembrance

Dear Allen Families,

Beautiful Teri

It is with great sadness that we announce that one of our staff members passed away suddenly last weekend. Because school is out of session, there is not a personal way to inform our school community of this tragedy. We are mourning the loss of our beloved Miss Teri Coffey, 1st grade teacher and Safety Patrol Adviser. Miss Coffey has been an integral part of our school community the past six years and before coming to Allen she taught at Castle Park Elementary for many years. Her wit, humor, and dedication to students are just a few of the qualities that touched our lives. As the author of the school’s Allen Eagle Buddy Pledge, her legacy will be remembered each and every day.

Before the new school year begins in July, grief counselors will be available for students, parents, and staff. Those counselors will be at Allen on July 22 from 1:00-4:00 in the school library and private offices near the library.

For condolence and service information, please download Teri Coffey_6-15-13_b.

Miss Coffey will be missed so very much.


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24 responses to “In Loving Remembrance

  1. Caralee Thomsen (Katie & Emily Bennet's Mom)

    I met Ms. Coffey a couple years ago when my children first came to Allen Elem. Every time I saw her she had a smile for me and always made me feel that she was happy to see me. I didn’t know her well, but I knew her well enough to know that so many children’s lives have been enriched by her. She will be missed by many!

  2. Anna

    My heart is breaking! You were the most amazing teacher and friend to my son. You made his school year. He loved everything you had to teach. I don’t know that I can tell him that our Angel Miss Coffey has wings. We will forever love and miss you Miss Coffey. Many tight hugs and kisses…The Zarazua Family.

  3. Elizabeth Hutson

    Dear friend and colleague,

    You made me laugh. You made me reflect. You made me a better person and teacher. You will be missed, but your spirit will live on at Allen School. When I close my eyes, I hear your beautiful voice singing, β€œLove is something, if you give it away, give it away . . . β€œ

    • Bonnie Sanchez

      I am thankful that I was able to get one more hug in before we left for summer vacation. Instances like this remind us that we never know if any given word, smile or hug may be the last that we share with someone. You have been a source of encouragement and peace for me and our last encounter was exactly that. I can’t count how many times my second graders would mention their amazing teacher…Miss Coffey! If it wasn’t you I may have developed a complex! These same students loved to run up to you and smother you with hugs as you walked down the hall. You worked tirelessly to create an amazing learning experience for your students and because of that you will forever be remembered. I thank you for your support and for reminding me of the bigger picture, what life is all about.

  4. Valerie & Marlana Centeno

    The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book….as did Miss Coffey. We were all so lucky to have this amazing woman in our children’s lives.

  5. Lackey Boys - Liam, Elijah and Amalia H.

    What a wonderful teacher you were!! My son, Liam, still sings the spelling songs for “because” and “about.” You showed him many tricks of the trade – you were a true teacher. It showed in your work, in your children, in your classroom, in your laugh. Job well, well done – Miss Coffey.
    Allen will greatly miss you.

  6. Carla Kriss

    Miss Coffey, you were a dedicated teacher who spent endless hours at Allen School. You made me laugh and I always wished you spent more time in the lounge during lunch so we could laugh more! You were always so kind to my daughter Sequoia and she will miss you greatly. I loved the time you renamed me Miss Chrysalis. Every time I touch a butterfly, I will think of you!! Love, Carla and Sequoia

  7. Evan Buscher

    My heart is so sad!!! You taught my son Jake this year and what a tough job that was for you!! You and I were in contact on a daily basis and I felt like I knew you on a personnel level. I’m so heart broken to hear about you passing 😦
    I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done!!
    Heaven just got a new angel.
    Evan & Jake

  8. Samantha Lujan

    Miss Coffey holds a special place in the hearts of our family! She was Matthew’s first grade teacher and Kaitlyn has volunteered in her class after school and is in Safety Patrol. Miss Coffey had one of the best smiles, personality and a gift for teaching our children. I’ll miss seeing her purple car out front late in the day!! Her love for life and love of education was contagious! Her classroom was always cheerful and bright with everything to make a child feel comfortable when you walked in the room. It was very difficult to share the passing with our children, but they both bent down on their knees and said a prayer for her. She will be missed dearly by our family, our school family and her family. She was a HUGE part of the Allen school success with students! RIP Miss Coffey you are leaving a legacy behind and will never be forgotten.

    Our Condolences to the Family,

    Samantha, Javier, Kaitlyn and Matthew Lujan

  9. Patiance Hicks

    I am so sorry to hear about Miss Coffey. It’s very heartbreaking. My prayers go out to all if her family and everyone at Allen Elementary. I still haven’t figured out how to tell Abbygale. She will always be remembered.

  10. David and Stacey (parents of Audrey Troop)

    Dear Family of Ms Coffey,
    I hope u like this message. I am from Ms Coffey’s first grade class. She was a wonderful teacher to me. She did lots of fun stuff!! I will miss you, Ms Coffey!
    Audrey Troop & Family

  11. Miss.Coffey is my favorite teacher. She always helped me out with any problems. Miss.Coffey, guess what? Audrey and I still sing the ” because” and the ” about” song when we spell. You might be thinking, ” Why should they do it? They are already 5th graders!” ^^ Miss.Coffey, I will always be thinking of you! I will remember the last thing you said to me, ” You are a greatful student.” I will always remember the last bear hug you gave me.I still remember when you said,” HAVE A GREAT VACATION! BYE!” You mean a LOT to me. I still remember when I was in 1st grade! I have all the work that we did togeter. I will miss you very much. I still remember all the things you said when we went home. The time when Madison Geering and I always sneeked up behind the line after school in 4th grade. Again, I will miss you very much. Bye Bye Butterfly!

  12. Miss.Coffee I remember when you told that names are special and you taught me how to spell beacause I’ll always remember you Miss.Coffee=)

  13. It is absolutely wonderful to see how much my mother-in-law was loved. Our family is heart-broken, but these posts really help. I’ve put a link to our guest book below. Please sign or light a candle. Thank you for your prayers.

  14. Your the best, genorous , kind, loving , sweet , and thoughtful person i ever known Miss Coffey i will always remember you. and i still think your room is alice inn wonderland to all happiness to mrs.Coffey.

  15. Frank Scigliano

    I had the pleasure to have known Teri for 16 years. I first met her in 1998 when I was a substitute and she taught 6th grade at Castle Park Elementary. I eventually was hired at CP and we were teaming partners for two years. Even after she left CP (a departure that still hurts) we stayed in contact. I will miss her humor and candor.

  16. "Ms. Bianca" Alvarez

    I’m going to miss my funny friend in Purple! She made me laugh, and she hugged me when she knew I wanted to cry. She could look at me and know if I wasn’t having a good day, and she didn’t ask what was wrong- she just hugged me and smiled the smile that told me she cared. She loved all her students, and worried that she wasn’t doing enough for them. She was doing much more than she knew- she was loving them and supporting their little spirits. For my birthday this year she gave me a sign that hangs in my classroom that says “KEEP CALM AND ROCK ON!” I will, Teri. You ROCK ON upstairs, and when we meet again we’ll have some fun. I love you, friend, and I will miss you terribly. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  17. Thank you for all your beautiful comments on this blog. We were so touched that so many of you came to the service Friday. Thank you for the gorgeous flowers and the cards. Mom loved working with the kids, parents, and co-workers at Allen. We wish you love and of course, lots of purple to color your days. God bless.

  18. Karley Basile

    dear mrs. coffey
    I am so sad you have passed away. You were my favorite teacher in the whole school, its sad you have left us. I wish you were here. I love you so much Mrs.Coffey. I will always remember you and your favorite color purple and bright colors.


  19. riley basile

    Dear Mrs.Coffey
    you where a great teacher and you where one of my favorite teacher. and when I found out you past away I was very sad. I whish you have fun with god. and I love you and I will always remember you.


  20. Sally

    We are very sorry for your loss, she will be forever in our hearts!

    – The Bennett Family

  21. Freeze Family

    Our family will be walking in the San Diego Heart Walk on September 28th in Teri Coffey’s memory. For more information, to walk with us, or join our team, please visit and go to team “TLC Life’s Good!”