4th Quarter Begins Tuesday, April 2

Welcome to Spring!  School will resume on Tuesday, April 2 for all students.  We want to maintain our status as a high-performing school, so it’s critical that students be in attendance as much as possible during the next 9 weeks.  Kids need time to practice grade-level skills so they can show mastery on upcoming state and district assessments.  Please be aware of the following testing schedules:

April 22-26: California Modified Assessments, Spanish Standards Test (for designated students)

April 29-May 8: California Standards Test (all students in grades 2–6)
April -May:  on-going District Local Measures assessments in writing, math, and reading (all students in kinder-6th grade)

Please establish routines for your children for an early bedtime every night and a protein-filled breakfast each morning.

Your continued support will result in increased educational outcomes for our kids.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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